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I am an inspired, concientious internet marketing strategist, a virtual assistant and a web 2.0 implementationist. I currently run Deb's Freebies (www.debsfreebies.com), the site that gives you freebies, samples, contests, giveaways and more.

I love reading, computers, the internet, researching and plants.

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    Halloween - History and Strange Facts

    5 years ago

    Halloween has captured our imagination for years and will continue to do so. The mystery, the wonderment and the fun surrounding the holiday that isn't an official holiday will continue to do so for generations to come....

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    Colloidal Silver - Cure for Swine Flu and More?

    5 years ago

      There is really nothing mysterious about Colloidal Silver. The term "colloid" merely refers to particles suspended in solution. In the case of Colloidal Silver these "particles" would be...

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    Home Cure Remedies for a Toothache

    5 years ago

    Have a toothache? Can't get to the dentist? There are natural remedies to relieve the pain of a toothache. Some of these natural cures might seem silly but seem to work for some people! Between the tried and true...

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    Colic - Baby Blues with a Cure

    5 years ago

    Crying without reason, screaming that tears your heart out, curled up legs and balled up fists....yes, this is colic. Welcome to motherhood! The official definition of colic, according to Dr. Morris Wessel in the...

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